vttest - test VT100-type terminal


       vttest [options] [24x80.132]


       Vttest  is a program designed to test the functionality of a VT100 ter-
       minal (or emulator thereof).  It tests both  display  (escape  sequence
       handling) and keyboard.

       The program is menu-driven and contains full on-line operating instruc-

       -  To run a given menu-item, you must enter its number.

       -  Menu items start at zero; this is the  "Exit"  item  in  almost  all

       -  You can run all menu-items (for a given level) by entering an aster-
          isk, i.e, `*'.

       -  You can force a repaint of the menu items by entering "?".

       -  A few menus can be more than one page.  Use "n" and "p" to switch to
          the next or previous page.


       You  can  specify the screen geometry in the form [24x80.132], i.e., 24
       lines, 80 minimum columns, 132 maximum columns.  If your terminal  does
       not  switch  between  80  and 132 columns you may specify 24x80.80, for
       example, to avoid a misleading display.

       Other options are:

       -f file
            specify a file  containing  a  DRCS  (soft  character  definition)

       -l   log test results to vttest.log.

       -p   use padding, e.g., for a VT100 connected to a high-speed line.

       -s   add  time-delay  in  selected  panning/scrolling  options  to show

       -8   use 8-bit controls (this can be changed with a menu option).


       Per Lindberg (mcvax,seismo)!enea!suadb!lindberg sometime 1985.

       Modified by Thomas Dickey from June 1996, to support nonstandard screen
       geometry, VT220-VT520, ISO color and xterm-specific tests.

                                     LOCAL                           VTTEST(1)